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Septic System Installations

We offer professional and knowledegable service in regards to your septic system needs.  We offer consulting, design, installation, repair and maintainance for residential and commercial  septic systems. 
We manufacture our  concrete Septic Tanks and Distribution boxes to ensure the highest quality for our customers.
We are now installing Advanced Enviroseptic Systems!  Call to enquire about this new product. 

Portable Toilets

We offer a portable toilet service for your project.  Weekly/monthly rentals available.  

Septic Vacuuming and Water Hauling

 We have been servicing the South West Coast of NL for 30 years with our Vacuum Truck Services and have built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise in this area.  Contact us for all your wastewater needs.

Turtle Tanks

Introducing the Turtle Tank!  Our 4540L (1000 Gal) concrete holding/septic tank.  Please see below for the 10 reasons why Turtle Tanks are the best!

Bio Clean

Offering BioClean.  A natural bacterial booster to add to your septic system to maintain optimum performance in between servicing. 

10 Good Reasons Why We Have the Best Design

For Starters: The Turtle Tank is the most economical concrete tank available saving the end user an average of 10% over conventional products supplied.

1. The Turtle Tank has the largest Volume to Surface Ratio of any known tank design or geometric shape.

2. Turtle Tanks can be moved, shipped, and stored in the most efficient manner because they "nest together" and are the lightest concrete tanks made. 

3. A Turtle Tank has the largest load capacity of any concrete tank design.

4. Turtle Tanks are made with EnviroMix Concrete, the most efficient means of producing concrete.

5. A Turtle Tank has the highest compressive strength of any known tank design.

6. A Turtle Tank will not float in a high water table.

7. A Turtle Tank is the easiest tank to service; the geometric shape allows septic pumpers to visually see the entire tank.

8. A Turtle Tank has twice the lifespan of conventional concrete tanks.

9. A Turtle Tank is an environmentally sensitive product, the manufacture, transportation, and installation of a Turtle Tank has the least amount of impact on the environment.

10. Turtle Tanks continues to research, design, and develop innovative storage solutions that optimize the use of construction materials and construction methods.

Bonus: The Turtle Tank is designed for an effluent filter; most installations now require this feature. The savings on the Turtle Tank design for this feature alone (because risers are not needed) is often a few hundred dollars.
Advanced Septic Services